The Lake District in Lockdown

January 20, 2021

The Lake District in Lockdown

While many say that nature is healing, few of us are currently allowed out to see it.
Government guidance has urged visitors to the Lake District to “STAY HOME. We’ll see you again soon”, sadly leaving many of us unable to walk the beautiful landscape. Despite these rules and regulations, there are a wealth of simple things that potential visitors can do to make their eventual trip super-memorable.

So, what’s the current lay of the land and what can you do while waiting for your next visit?

Where are we now?

As of January 2021, The Lake District and Cumbrian area are under lockdown and sitting at Level 4 status. This means that the virus is in ‘general circulation’ and rising, putting severe social distancing measures into effect. Of course, this can – and will – be subject to change in the months ahead. If you’re in doubt you can check through the official Lake District twitter account or get official news through their dedicated website. Though it may take time, remember – you’ll be back walking across the forests and fells in no time.

What should you do?

While being responsible (and staying within the law!) can be a little frustrating, there are a several things you can still do in the months ahead. These include, but are by no means limited to-

Preparing: A time of calm is a chance to get your ducks in a row for your next trip. And that means looking at your health and fitness. Regular, manageable exercise is great for your mental health and preparing yourself for your future trek through the District’s beautiful landscape. This can be as simple as setting a regular walking schedule, using app-assisted training to set fitness goals, or even fun and family-friendly options like the Nintendo Ring Fit!

Planning: Once the restrictions are lifted and it’s safe to visit, you’ll want to find the best routes possible. This could include the Catbells Walk that’s perfect for beginners, or test yourself with the 7.5 mile long trek between Ash Landing and Claife Heights. Taking a little extra time to plan can make sure that your first post-Covid trip delivers memories that will last a lifetime.

Budgeting: While the Lake District is a site of pristine nature and beauty, don’t not forget that there is a cost factor involved. Setting aside a little money each month can let you get the gear, lodgings, or food you need without breaking the bank. Or let you splash out on something special to celebrate the occasion.

What next?

While things may be tough now, remember that this too shall pass. If you want to learn more about your available options, you can check out some of our previous blogs. These cover topics in detail like glamping in the lake District for those looking for a little stylish privacy. Or if you’re keen to make the most of your trip, our previous blog about the top five attractions in the Lakes can help you plan a trip that works for your unique group.

Until then, remember that we’re all in this together. Being careful and protecting other vulnerable visitors is vital. And when you finally stand on the edge of and feel the wind and sun on your face at Grasmere, all the memories of quarantine will melt away.