Why Staycations Are The New Vacations

October 13, 2017

Why Staycations Are The New Vacations

If you’ve never heard of the term ‘staycation’, allow us to introduce you. A staycation is a holiday which is every bit as exciting as a vacation – except you don’t actually leave the country. Instead, you use your staycation to explore some of the most beautiful areas of your homeland – the Lake District, the Peak District and the Cotswolds are all popular staycation destinations.

So why exactly should you choose a staycation over a vacation? Let’s take a look at the main reasons…

A staycation is less expensive

Going abroad is undoubtedly exciting – but it’s also very expensive. The cost of flights, hotels, transfers, travel insurance and additional extras can add up to hundreds, and that’s before you factor in paying for the children! A staycation is traditionally a less expensive option – it allows you all the excitement and fun of a traditional holiday, without the eye-watering bill at the end.

You can learn more about your own country’s history

The UK is an enormously interesting place to live – why not take the opportunity to educate yourself a little about this fantastic country? A visit to the Lake District, for example, allows you to learn about famous poets Wordsworth and Coleridge, you can discover more about the place where the water-speed records were set in the 1960s (Coniston) and you can learn about the famous Lake Windermere, the UK’s largest body of water.

Luxury is assured

If you’re spending slightly less on transport, you can afford to allocate more funds to your accommodation budgets! The Lake District has some truly astonishing places to stay, including spectacular houses by many of the region’s lakes. Log cabins are popular, and many come with a hot tub or sauna option, or you might choose to go the traditional route, staying in one of the area’s many luxurious hotels. Treat yourself!

It’s homely

You won’t face any language barriers, you won’t have to worry about driving on the other side of the road, and you won’t need to change any of your currency. A staycation is the definition of a laid-back holiday. There won’t be any delays at the airport, you won’t have to worry about whether you packed the right plug converter, you won’t have to perform quick conversions in your head to work out how much you’re really spending on a drink, and your mobile phone will still connect to the regular provider. For a no-fuss holiday, it’s a staycation you want.

We’re not short of stunning destinations

Sure, the shores of Spain or the slopes of Switzerland might sound glamorous and appealing – but we’ve got destinations to rival most. Our national parks are among the most beautiful in the world, and we have a huge list of gorgeous towns and villages that are perfect for a restful break. You’re never more than 75 miles from the beach in the UK, and whether you head for your staycation in winter or summer, you’re bound to be so impressed you’ll forget all about the further-flung destinations.