Crag Hill

North Western Fells

Elevation: 839 m (2,753 ft)

Coordinates: 54°34′19″N 3°15′00″W

Crag Hill is a mountain in the North Western part of the English Lake District. It was formerly known as Eel Crag; however, the Ordnance Survey now marks Eel Crag as referring to the northern crags of the fell. It is not to be confused with another Crag Hill lying on the border of North Yorkshire.

The highest ground in the North Western Fells is an east-west ridge in this central sector, beginning with Grasmoor above Crummock Water and then gradually descending eastwards over Crag Hill, Sail, Scar Crags and Causey Pike. Grasmoor has the greatest elevation, but Crag Hill stands at the hub of the range. In plan it appears as a cross with ridges running to the four points of the compass.

To the north of Crag Hill is the col of Coledale Hause, the high level connection to Hopegill Head, focal point of a parallel but slightly lower ridge. Valleys descend from either side of Coledale Hause, running between these two ridges. Gasgale Gill (or Liza Beck on OS maps) flows westward to the River Cocker, while Coledale Beck runs eastwards to the Derwent. Guarding the way up from the Hause to Crag Hill is Eel Crag, the face which gave the fell its former name.

Crag Hill also has a southern ridge which steps down toward Buttermere over Wandope and Whiteless Pike. The valley of Rannerdale forms the western boundary with Sail Beck on the other side. Both empty into Crummock Water.

The highest part of Crag Hill is near the ‘cross’ where the four ridges meet. Moving further east towards Sail, the ridge tapers down with crags on either side. Scott Crags stands over Coledale and Scar Crag (not to be confused with Scar Crags) looks down on Sail Beck. Beneath Scar Crag is Addacomb Hole, a deep corrie without a tarn. By contrast to the west of the summit the slopes are smooth and wide, although still steep.