Great Dodd

Eastern Fells

Elevation: 857 m (2,812 ft)

Coordinates: 54°34′31″N 3°01′10″W

Walkers may approach Great Dodd from either High Row near Dockray to the east, or from Legburthwaite to the west – or along the main ridge track from either north or south. Scramblers with climbing skills may be attracted to three gill climbs on the western side of the mountain.

The summit of Great Dodd is a smooth, grassy, rounded dome, like its two southern neighbours, Watson’s Dodd and Stybarrow Dodd. Together, these three are sometimes called ‘The Three Dodds’. These three are made of volcanic rocks of the Borrowdale Volcanic Group, and the tops of all three are covered by the same sheet of rock, which was formed in a series of huge volcanic explosions accompanying the formation of a volcanic caldera about 450 million years ago.

Two attempts were made to mine mineral veins in the rocks of Great Dodd, but neither attempt was successful.